Wellness Facilitation

If you are considering embarking on a health journey this is a great place to start.

My Wellness Facilitation sessions offer a holistic approach to your wellness based on Traditional Chinese Principles. They include a top down and bottom up approach to treatment. We will discuss your health and what you are hoping to achieve from the sessions, develop a plan of action including bodywork, breath, movement and mindfulness. We will start with an initial intake which will include a series of health questions, Vacuflex Concepts assessment , a plotting of health weaknesses along TCM charts & assessing meridian imbalances. This will be followed by weekly sessions for a period of time, ending with a reflection on your current wellness progression.

You can hope to achieve the following:

  1. calming of your nervous system
  2. tools to support anxiety and depression
  3. cultivate a feeling of being more empowered about your health
  4. building more energy and engagement with life.

And much more…

In addition to your weekly session you will receive:

  1. a health journal to keep notes in
  2. online weekly mindful movement and meditation practice 
  3. articles of interest and weekly online support.

The bodywork I offer is reflexology (face, hands and feet), intuitive holistic massage and Thai yoga massage.

The mindful movement would involve gentle yoga (hatha/vinyasa/energetic alignment).