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I am passionate about health and wellness. Through offering an integrated approach to a client’s well-being I aim to calm the nervous system and systematically create an environment whereby the body and mind can be more balanced, with the goal of promoting physical and mental well-being.


I am a registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, 600 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, and Wellness Facilitator. I offer wellness coaching alongside combined modality bodywork, providing a holistic support system to clients on a health journey.



Claire is a wonderful teacher with an interpersonal intuition and authenticity that makes everyone feel welcome in her practices. I appreciate her accommodating me last minute in her workshop, which was an excellent introduction to (and I’d recommend to anyone interested in) somatic healing/mindfulness. My only complaint is her taste in music is too good I have to resist the temptation to grab my phone and shazam.
Maggie Johnson
It is not just about the double back to back massage sessions - which were wonderful - it’s about the entire holistic passage of intuitive and practical wisdom sharing. Highly recommend Claire!
Tania Hamilton
Claire is simply AWESOME. I go to Claire for a treat(ment) in her little place of paradise once a week, and I always walk out with a smile, more relaxed, more joyful, inspired and ready to face the day. She combines reflexology and Thai massage and that combination is physically, emotionally and mentally incredibly satisfying. The music, the peaceful setting, the wonderful smells of the oils she uses, they all contribute to the true fest for the senses. I have also attended a few of Claire’s yoga retreats and have loved every minute of it.
Minke Stolwerk
If there is something that this pandemic has shown us, it’s the importance of self-care. I attended the morning mini-retreat with Claire and found it to be ‘just right’ in a period of my life where time was considered a luxury being a healthcare worker. Claire’s calm demeanour was the ‘eye’ amidst my storm. This comes highly recommended for busy individuals in need of connection and balance. Dynamite indeed comes in small (short) packages!
Mica Angel
Claire is thoughtful, aware and highly professional. She takes great care to understand our needs. She’s comes to our home twice a week is always on time, and always shows up. Every session is different and intuitive to our energy the day.
Tim Heyes
I have been attending regular weekly reflexology sessions with Claire for the last 6 weeks and they have become one of my weekly highlights . Her dedication to her work in helping others reach there full health potential is so evident . She keeps a close eye on what is happening from session to session and offers valuable advice and encouragement . I love being able to drift away while Claire intuitively and gently works on my feet . As I have progressed with weekly treatments I am noticing a sustained uplifting effect . I would highly recommend Claire to anyone and her offerings extend beyond reflexology too, she is a qualified Yoga teacher and Thai massage therapist . Definitely recommended!!
Alexandra Nikiforou
It was such an amazing experience. 3 hours filled with sensory pleasures - the sound of the wind on the mountain walk, the smell of the essential oils in the yoga studio, the feeling of stretching the body through yoga and the interesting learnings about gut health. This was my birthday present from ME to ME. The best gift ever. Thanks Claire for sharing your talent, passion and kindness.
Claudia Mills
Claire’s cues allow you to do yoga in a way that works for your body. She always provides ways to ease off, or challenge yourself. Claire also did an assessment of my body and it was so interesting to find out how my body is using muscle pairs, where I am strong and which muscles I need to strengthen. I would recommend Claire for one on one yoga classes, her online classes and her in studio classes. In my view, she is the best yoga teacher!
Claire is a generous soul, giving 100% of herself in her practice. She brings a unique style to the mat and ensures that the practices are personal and different. She themes each practice which sets the tone for your time on the mat. It's informative, interesting and really shines through each session.
As a Type 1 diabetic, my daily goal is balanced blood sugar. What has been amazing about these reflexology sessions is that I haven't only seen improved blood sugar (and been able to reduce my long-acting insulin) but it's given me the space to reflect on all aspects of my health. I've made changes to my diet and exercise that I wouldn't have made without the weekly guidance of Claire. I highly recommend reflexology with Claire for all those with diabetes (and all those without!)
I am fortunate to see Claire once a week for an incredibly multi-beneficial Reflexology session. Besides feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated after the sessions I find that there are numerous other benefits: helps my focus ( ADD) , relieves the pain of plantar fasciitis, and seems to help regulate my blood sugar levels very positively. It's now wonder you are so busy Claire! A very special talent and gift you have to come feeling a bit sore and scattered and leave feeling lighter and brighter. You rock!!
Claire does not just host a class- she draws one in with her infectious enthusiasm and creativity and each class is unique. I enjoy the combination of needing to concentrate, but also getting lost in the class, as her strong and powerful flow sequences are so varied.
Claire is an inspiring yoga teacher and she helped me survive lockdown with her regular ZOOM classes! I can highly recommend her upbeat and informative teachings.

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I have always been interested in holistic health and of being of service to others. I am a Wellness Facilitator, Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. I am passionate about health and wellness and believe firmly that maintaining a balanced lifestyle can preserve a strong mind and body connection. Through this, more equanimity can be maintained. Life can throw many curve balls, and having the support through a wellness practitioner, as well as developing tools to help manage your nervous system, can be crucial to prevent anxiety, stress, depression and many other ailments. If you have a diagnosis or health concern already, we will work together to find more containment.