Nautilus Vitamin Sea Energizing Lifting & Toning Crème 50ml



Introducing “Nautilus Vitamin Sea Energizing Lifting & Toning Crème”

Discover the essence of oceanic vitality within our formula, featuring specialized Algae emerging from icy depths at 1.5°C to invigorate tired urban skin. Biotechnological marvels recharge skin cells, enhancing strength and contraction for visible wrinkle reduction. Instantly lift and reshape upon application, while long-term use unveils luminosity and V-shaped firmness.

Directions: Apply day and night around eyes, face, and neck. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use sunscreen during the day.

Experience a world of radiant transformation with these remarkable benefits

Radiance Enhancing: Unveil your skin’s inner glow like never before! Embrace the magic of a complexion that radiates with luminosity, making each day a celebration of your natural beauty. Shine brighter than the stars!

Energizing: Awaken your skin’s vitality and energy! Each drop becomes a burst of refreshing vigor, invigorating your skin and spirit alike. Get ready to embrace the day with a vibrant, revitalized glow!

Lifting & Toning: Time to defy gravity and embrace toning wonders! Experience the magic of uplifted, firmer skin that exudes confidence and youthful radiance. Let your beauty reach new heights!

Cell Regenerating: Embrace the magic of renewal and rebirth! Unlock the secrets of skin rejuvenation as your cells dance to the rhythm of regeneration, revealing a complexion that tells a story of timeless beauty. Let your skin’s journey to revival begin!

Immerse yourself in a world of remarkable benefits

Sirtalice: Unveil radiant, hydrated skin that speaks of confidence! Dive into the magic of reduced wrinkle depth, increased elasticity, and firmness. Your skin’s equilibrium finds a new home, accompanied by mitochondrial respiration and DNA protection. Let your skin shine with vitality!

Argireline: A wrinkle’s worst nightmare! Inhibiting neurotransmitter release, decreasing wrinkle volume and length – say hello to smoother, more confident skin. Destabilize the SNARE complex and let your skin’s natural beauty shine!

Epitensive: Unleash the magic of true transformation! Experience the joy of smoother texture, regenerated skin, and the reduction of wrinkle volume and depth. Welcome elasticity and radiant confidence!

Niacinamide: Meet your skin’s new best friend! Embrace the improved barrier function, anti-aging properties, and collagen boost. Hyperpigmentation, be gone – it’s time for a radiant, sebum-regulated glow!

Vitamin C: The superhero your skin deserves! Stimulate collagen, firmness, and even skin tone with each drop. Say goodbye to acne bacteria and hello to the magic of youthfulness!

Hyaluronic Acid: Quench your skin’s thirst for moisture! Improved texture, enhanced barrier function – all leading to softer, healthier skin. Let your complexion blossom like never before!

Matrixyl3000 : Welcome the dawn of repair and revitalization! Promote wrinkle smoothing, improved tone, and elasticity. Your skin’s natural beauty, redefined and reborn!

Apis melifica : The key to treating redness, allergies, edema, and swelling! Embrace the soothing embrace of natural remedies that care for your skin’s health. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to relief!

Arnica Oil: Discover the anti-inflammatory wonders! Let your skin embrace the healing touch of nature as inflammation is gently swept away. Your skin’s journey to calmness begins now!

Daisy Flower Oil: Embrace the power of nature’s lightening touch! Dark spots, melatonin, and uneven tones, be gone – it’s time to embrace a brighter, more vibrant complexion!

Pennywort Oil: From collagen promotion to scar reduction, embrace the wonders of regeneration! Boost antioxidant levels and let the healing power of nature restore your skin’s radiance.

Horsetail Oil: Unveil the secrets of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and capillary strengthening! Embrace a healthier, more vibrant complexion that reflects the beauty of nature’s gifts.

Witch Hazel Oil: An astringent embrace for your skin!  Bid farewell to inflammation, skin irritation, and acne as you embrace the toning touch of this natural marvel. Say hello to balanced, radiant skin!

St. John’s Wort Oil : Calm, comfort, and rejuvenate like never before! Dryness, irritations, and rashes – be gone! Let the soothing magic of nature’s embrace transform your skin’s story.

Butcher’s Broom Oil : Boost circulation and embrace anti-inflammatory wonders! ✨ Let the magic of increased blood flow and reduced inflammation be your skin’s new mantra. It’s time to let nature’s embrace rejuvenate you!

Bay Leaf Oil l: Unlock the world of lymph drainage, anti-inflammation, and rejuvenation! Your skin’s journey to revival begins with this natural wonder that embraces and moisturizes.

Bergamot Oil : Balance and clarify with each drop! From anti-inflammation to antibacterial wonders, it’s time to let your skin’s natural beauty shine through. Embrace the power of nature’s balancing touch!

Cape Chamomile Oil : Repair and regenerate, one drop at a time!  Embrace the tissue-repairing power of nature and let your skin’s cells bloom with renewed energy. Your journey to revitalization has begun!

Cedarwood Oil : Discover a world of astringent, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory marvels! Unleash the healing touch of nature as you let your skin’s health and beauty flourish.

Lemon Oil : Clarify, exfoliate, and enrich with each drop!  Embrace the vitamin-rich magic that leaves your skin gently exfoliated and ready to shine. It’s time to unveil the brilliance of natural radiance!

Cypress Oil : From repair to astringency, embrace the wonders of nature’s embrace! Strengthen your skin’s structure, embrace antibacterial protection, and revel in the firming touch