Bodhi Natural Health Cards




The intention of these cards is to empower users who want to avoid unnecessary antibiotics and over-the-counter medications, which may have some serious side-effects. By giving them the tools to walk into a health store with confidence, knowing exactly what it is they need for themselves and their families.

Each box contains 29 cards representing common ailments. They have been divided into 5 categories, namely: 

General Information – including explanations on what tinctures, tissue salts and aromatherapy oils are, among others. 

Upper Respiratory – which includes cards for common colds and flu, sinus infections, ear infections etc

Skin Care – which includes cards for eczema, burns, spider bites etc

Women’s Care – which includes cards for PMS, UTI and Candida

General Body Care – which includes cards for fever, toothache, constipation, stomach aches etc