Bellabaci Body Cupping Set



The Bellabaci hand-squeezable vacuum Massage Cups effectively relieve tight muscles, digestive disorders, joint pain, cellulite, stress and anxiety, headaches, migraines, stretch marks, spider veins, and regenerate ageing skin.

The Bellabaci Massage Cups are non-invasive and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

By gently moving the Cups in a circular motion, the negative vacuum drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions, lifts connective tissue and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and dull skin.


Cupping therapy is an ancient wellness method used for providing relief from many conditions such as pain caused by headaches. migraines or tight muscles. It is also great to detox the body and it also supports a healthy digestive system.

Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy has been used for centuries and focuses on providing a natural alternative for many types of conditions.
Cupping therapy has been modernized to include taking care of conditions such as cellulite and stretch marks.

The Bellabaci Cups are extremely easy to use!

Directions for use:

Use daily in the shower with your shower gel or body wash to facilitate movement. Glide the cup using linear, circular and zigzag movements, always working upwards towards the heart.

Use with the Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Genie Oil to facilitate movement. Massage yourself while watching TV or whenever you have a few minutes. Bellabaci Circuflow Genie oil can be used for general use and Bellabaci Bye Bye Belly Blues Genie oil for digestive issues.

To use your cups you need to apply a movement facilitator such as oil or soap when using your cups in the shower or bath. After applying your massage medium, you only need to squeeze the cup slightly and set it down on your desired area.

We suggest to always start with the soft cups on a light suction and only progressing to the hard cup after one month or after you have completely adjusted to the sensation of the soft cup used with deep squeeze pressure.


Bellabaci Body Cups Set consists of two long-lasting superior grade medical silicone cups 1 Pliable Hard Cup and 1 Soft Body Cup.

Taking care of your Body Cups:

Be sure to wash your cups after each use with a detergent soap and do not use with a mineral or tissue oil, as these oils will cause your cups to harden and eventually break.

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