B4Play Foot Massage Ball




Our feet are the foundation of our entire body and the underside of the foot, called the Plantar Fascia, is often a source of distress and overuse that communicates up through the entire body. When you experience problems with your feet or suffer from poor circulation, the entire body’s structure becomes faulty and “out of balance”. The answer is using the B4play massage ball. The use of this versatile massage tool can assist with improving your gait, alignment, flexibility, mobility and muscle tone. It can also assist with increasing blood circulation which provides nutrition and energy to working muscles and aids in healing damaged tissue. An added bonus to using this massage ball is that “the feeling is euphoric”.

The B4play product is essentially a rubber ball made from monoprene (elastomeric polymer) with small, protruding spots on the surface to stimulate the skin, during use. The compression factor is very specific and consistent. It is not too hard and small, as in the case of a golf ball, or too soft, like when using a tennis ball. Although ideal for using under your feet, the ball can also be effective for mobilising and massaging other muscle groups such as the calves, gluteus and hamstrings.

The B4play massage ball has a silicone rubber tubing inserted through a central hole in the ball to prevent it from rolling away when in use. This tubing is simply twisted around the ankle, securing the ball under the user’s foot, making it extremely easy to use almost anywhere. The tubing also allows the user to use the ball on the sides of the foot without losing control over it and the ball rolling away. It is also great for use on long-haul flights to assist with movement and circulation.